Global Reporting photo

Sixt Global Reporting supports fleet managers of international fleets with various leasing companies and suppliers.

It consolidates a variety of data and provides a reliable overview of all important KPIs to constantly optimize a global fleet at a glance. In a one-time setup, your corporate structure is integrated into the Sixt Global Reporting Tool and customized reports created to suit your needs.

Then, your local leasing companies and suppliers are taken through a one-off onboarding process. Your leasing companies and suppliers are trained on the mapping process once using the tool and can thus be easily updated monthly.

The tool processes monthly data uploads from your suppliers and then creates overview reports with a drill-down function. We make all important data on your fleet viewable using dashboards and reports. This includes, among other things, an overview for significantly deviating values, which are initially set by you.

Further information is also available on our Sixt Global Reporting Website.

Parallel to Sixt Global Reporting, we offer an International Helpdesk. This helps you with questions about your international fleet, allowing you to outsource the strategic and operational steps of your global fleet management to Sixt Mobility Consulting.

You can use Sixt Global Reporting independently of decision regarding fleet management by Sixt Mobility Consulting as well as in relation to other services.