Leasing fleet photo

Our solutions for fleets of leased vehicles allow you to outsource all of your remaining fleet management to Sixt Mobility Consulting.

We gladly support your drivers in choosing a new vehicle via our Driver helpdesk, which acts as a single point of contact for the duration of the leasing contract. In addition, we offer the simple option of vehicle selection using our Vehicle Configurator based on your company car order. Our Multi-Bidding tool offers optimal expansion of your fleet including an automated ordering process.

We consolidate all expenses relating to your fleet in a monthly collective invoice including customized invoice file. Your creditor management is therefore greatly simplified.

We present you with all the information on your fleet including accrued cost and outlier analysis in our Sixt Fleet Intelligence Reporting Tool.

Depending on the composition of your fleet and design of your leases, we can also offer our service components for your leased vehicles. Examples are the fuel cards offered by Sixt Mobility Consulting, or claims management implemented by us.