Multi Bidding photo

Our Multi-Bidding product starts before the first vehicle is ordered. We support you in selecting the right leasing partner as part of an initial consultation and ensure the comparison of different suppliers.

When ordering a new company car, your drivers can first of all put their desired vehicle together using our Vehicle Configurator, which is tailored to your Car Policy.

Following this selection, the order passes through an ordering process which is tailored to your needs. This starts with your corporate approval process. The responsible supervisors and managers receive an electronic notification in the correct sequence including all vehicle details and the direct option to approve the order.

Then, all connected leasing companies receive an invitation to a bid down, time-limited auction for the lease. At the end of the auction you get the best deal on your new car.

Sixt Mobility Consulting places the closing order automatically with the appropriate leasing company. Our order and order and delivery process and our logistics solutions constitute an ideal extension to our services. We are happy to develop individual service components from our service portfolio for your leased vehicles.