Our service components

Service components

Sixt Mobility Consulting offers powerful solutions for all strategic and operational issues relating to your fleet through modular consulting and service components - regardless of the type of vehicle financing. Our innovative fleet management software automates processes, supports drivers and provides fleet managers with complete transparency.

  • Fleet consultancy

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    Sixt has over 100 years of experience in the management of its own fleet. We transfer our experience to your fleet and support you as fleet consultants.

    We never lose sight of your requirements and objectives: be it reducing your fleet costs, improving your sustainability or improving the attractiveness of your fleet for your drivers - we develop an individual solution together with you.

  • Customized vehicle configurator

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    You can book our consultants independently of a decision regarding fleet management by Sixt Mobility Consulting and also in relation to other services. Examples include an introduction of the Sixt Multi-Bidding including automated ordering process, or finding a new insurance partner as part of Insurance management.

    The customized vehicle configurator enables comprehensive manufacturer configuration and combines all manufacturer website configurators in a single tool. Due to its intuitive operation, it offers optimized usability.

    As part of the introduction to the vehicle configurator we set up your Car Policy in our systems so that your drivers can see vehicles and equipment variants that are exactly relevant to them. We can provide mandatory and prohibitory equipment as well as set CO2 limits, or limits on engine capacity. In real time, we can calculate a contribution by the driver, where applicable, which is also tailored to the design of your company car order. In addition, the customized vehicle configurator provides valuable information on the financial benefits of a company vehicle.

    You can use our vehicle configurator as a standalone solution or as part of our Sixt Multi-Bidding tool including an automated ordering process.

  • Sixt Fleet Intelligence

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    Sixt Fleet Intelligence is an innovative reporting tool for the efficient management of your fleet and sustainable cost reduction. It offers many opportunities to analyse, evaluate and clearly display your fleet situation.

    Using data warehouse and the latest generation of business intelligence technologies you receive detailed information with just one click: from an overview of the fleet to an individual contract or record of a data entry.

    Clear dashboards are provided for a quick overview of relevant operational issues and costs. Thanks to individual configuration, fleet managers can immediately view key statistics, graphics and data with a few clicks.

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    Sixt Fleet Intelligence can manage both leased and owned fleets or vehicles with varying financing models using the same tool.

    Sixt Fleet Intelligence combines the data from all areas of your fleet, which Sixt Mobility Consulting handles as fleet manager. For all other sub-areas and a transnational perspective, we offer Sixt Global Reporting an additional holistic reporting solution.

  • Driver helpdesk

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    Sixt Mobility Consulting compiles a personal driver helpdesk for your business, which consists exclusively of experts for your fleet and your company car order. Your drivers receive an individual phone number and an individual email address.

    The driver helpdesk supports your driver on all matters relating to the current vehicle and/or the issue of a new company car. We offer this solution for managing both leased and owned fleets as well for the combination of several financing alternatives.

    We also support your driver with a Smartphone App, which brings together all information on a mobile phone. Furthermore, our Logbook App will make it possible for your driver to quickly and easily maintain a logbook and to achieve real tax benefits.

  • Order and delivery management, logistics services

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    Sixt Mobility Consulting is your best partner for order and delivery management and handles logistics services such as transportation, fittings and graphics.

    After successfully ordering a vehicle we place it with the relevant dealer or leasing partner. The workflow engine integrated into the Sixt fleet management software enables automated tracking of the order confirmation or the delivery date. Your driver is regularly informed of all steps.

    If you obtain your vehicles from a decentralized network of distributors, we work out an individual delivery solution together with our strong logistics partners. Do you need fittings or graphics for your vehicles? We are happy to work with you to find the right partners for this work and oversee suppliers as part of the service delivery for your vehicles.

    If required, we also handle the registration and deregistration of your vehicles and have access to a proven network of partners. Our services can be offered for both owned and leased vehicles. We are happy to put together a complete and customized logistics solution for you.

  • Claims management including 24/7 assistance

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    Sixt Mobility Consulting provides your driver with emergency assistance 24/7 in case of accident, breakdown or theft. In the first instance, Sixt Assistance takes care of transportation for your drivers. It can access both the Sixt car rental network well as your existing framework contracts for this. At the same time Sixt Mobility Consulting organizes salvage of the damaged vehicle.

    Sixt Mobility Consulting directs repairs to our strong partner network, based on your requirements and those of any potential leasing company. This allows for a reduction in your claims costs - regardless of the type of insurance.

    We offer claims management as part of a product package as well as a standalone solution for owned and leased vehicles. We are happy to optimize your loss ratio or looking for a new insurance partner with a consulting project consulting project.

    Using our Smartphone App your drivers can always quickly and easily report any relevant information, and inform us of any damage quickly and easily.

  • Inspection and Maintenance Management

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    As part of our inspection and maintenance management programme, we direct your drivers, in accordance with your requirements, to the nearest partner garage. Your drivers can access these via our Smartphone App.

    Before work starts, a written order is placed including a fixed and defined price. After the work has been carried out, the invoice is checked over by a team of master mechanics and may be amended. We also handle warranty and replacement claims and ensure the quality of our partners by continuous monitoring.

    We offer inspection and maintenance management as part of a product package or as standalone solution for both owned and leased vehicles. Sixt Mobility Consulting has framework agreements with an international network of partners. This helps to minimize maintenance costs.

    Sixt Mobility Consulting offers several billing options. Invoicing is, however, always in the form of a simple monthly collective invoice including customized invoice file.

  • Tyre management

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    Sixt Mobility Consulting has a network of tyre partners with individual service agreements. We coordinate seasonal tyre changes and offer various packages: from tyre changes in our partner garages to tyre changes on your property.

    Your drivers always have access to our nearest partner garages via our Smartphone App .

    You benefit from our volume-based discount agreements with tyre manufacturers both when replacing tyres as well as when you first obtain winter tyres from a collaboration with Sixt Mobility Consulting. Our team of mechanics gives explicit approval for tyre changes and renewals based on your specifications. All incoming invoices are checked over, based on these approvals, and may be queried.

    We offer tyre management as part of a package or as a standalone solution for both owned and leased vehicles. Sixt Mobility Consulting provides you with various billing options. Invoicing is, however, always in the form of a simple monthly collective invoice including customized invoice file.

  • Fuel Card Management

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    With Sixt Mobility Consulting you have the option of using fuel cards from all of the well-known fuel card companies and associations - on attractive terms, of course. It is possible to combine several fuel cards. You will receive a statement of all costs incurred and recharged to you in the form of a simple monthly collective invoice including customized invoice file. We make your drivers' fuel consumption transparent with Sixt Fleet Intelligenceand prepare outlier reports and information on deviating refueling for you.

    We offer fuel card management either as part of a package, or as a standalone solution for both owned and leased vehicles.

  • Taxes and charges

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    On request, Sixt Mobility Consulting handles vehicle tax and other fees (e.g. radio). We take care of the correct and timely settlement of all payments. In the case of deregistration of vehicles, we pursue the reimbursement of taxes and apply for them if necessary.

    You will receive a statement of all costs incurred and recharged to you in the form of a simple monthly collective invoice including customized invoice file. We can handle taxes and fees for both owned and leased vehicles.

  • Insurance management

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    We take care of the notification and cancellation of your new vehicles with the relevant insurance company. At the same time, we make all the necessary adjustments and re-registrations. Insurance coverage for your vehicles at any given time is therefore taken care of.

    Sixt Mobility Consulting can set up a consulting project to assist you in choosing a new insurance partner. We offer insurance management for both owned and leased vehicles.

  • Sales of owned vehicles

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    Sixt Mobility Consulting enables you to use the Sixt sales channels for your owned vehicles. You will benefit from a solid dealer base of approximately 1,500 dealers on our online sales platform, and our network of Carpark used car showrooms.

    At the end of the life cycle of a vehicle Sixt Mobility Consulting undertakes an assessment of the vehicle condition and coordinates with your decision on the best sales channel.

  • Collective invoice and invoice file

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    We consolidate all service costs in the form of a monthly collective invoice including customized invoice file - for both owned and leased vehicles. This leads to a significant reduction in your creditors and greatly simplifies the accounting of all fleet-related costs. Our collective bill is already pre-assembled with your accounts and contains important information such as licence plates, personnel numbers and cost centres. As part of implementation, these parameters are defined together with you and extensively tested prior to creation of the first invoice.

  • Licence control

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    Together with its strong partners, Sixt Mobility Consulting assumes statutory licence inspection and ensures compliance with regulations.

    Inspection takes place at one of more than 2,500 service points or can conveniently take place anywhere via Smartphone App. The driver is informed of his/her inspection date by email and SMS. All overdue inspections are reported to you.

  • Compliance with accident prevention regulations

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    Sixt Mobility Consulting assists you in compliance with the deadline of annual accident prevention regulations applicable in your country. We inform all drivers about upcoming inspections and steer them in our partner network.

    After testing all of the information on this is archived and is made available in a report. Missing inspections are also captured in this manner.