We shape the future of Corporate Mobility.

Our scope of service ranges from consultancy services to vehicle procurement and on to remarketing, it also extends to supporting your employees in all aspects of vehicle use and fulfilling duty of care obligations.

Fleet Management
Ordering Process
Driver Support
Vehicle Services
Innovative Mobility Concepts

Reflecting your Car Policy

  • All vehicles captured electronically
  • Adaption of your fleet policy (if required, with optimisation)
  • Transparent and efficient management

Individual Reports

  • Fast overview of central key figures
  • Reporting and comparisons at the touch of a button
  • Individual definition of access

Contract Review and Recalculation

  • Check of your leasing terms
  • Ensuring compliance with your deadlines and data
  • Professional processing of contract termination
  • Control of running contracts and optimised contract recalculation

Structuring and Provision of Vehicle Data

  • Standard vehicle data reports
  • Fast data transfer
  • Optimised processes

Multi Bidding between your Lessors

  • Transparent tendering process
  • Best rates for each brand
  • High savings potential

Management Report Including Roadmap

  • Wholistic annual review
  • Detailed overview of status and developments
  • Indication of optimisation potentials

Market Analysis and Leasing Benchmarks

  • Wholistic market overview
  • Optimised comparability
  • Offers with high saving potentials

Consolidated Invoicing/Payment

  • Checking and clearing of individual invoices
  • Allocation and settlement of costs
  • Consolidated monthly invoice
  • Lower administrative costs
Fleet Management

Vehicle Configurator

  • Choice of vehicles according to your corporate car policy
  • Simple configuration process
  • All information and options at a glance

Buildability Check

  • Constantly updated models
  • Automatic and fast
  • Immediate notification of alternative suggestions if necessary

Approval Management

  • Automated approval process
  • Simple communication
  • Resource-saving process
  • Complete Documentation
Ordering Process

Help Desk

  • Team of fixed contacts for your company
  • Rapid support for all questions
  • Professional employee support
  • Support available in writing and by telephone

Online Info Portal

  • Individual employee access
  • Personal information, appointments and contacts relating to the vehicle
  • Access to the vehicle configurator
  • Cost transparency in the case of gross salary conversion

Allane Mobility Consulting user app THE COMPANION

  • Your employees can perform important vehicle usage tasks 24/7
  • Personal assistant for vehicle use in pocket format
  • All important information and contacts displayed clearly
  • Proactive notification of impending
Driver Support


  • Individual, extensive advice
  • Tailored definition of fleet policy
  • Efficient and cost-saving implementation
  • Sustainability

Maintenance & Repair

  • Comprehensive network of partner repair centres
  • Favourable prices
  • Transparent billing

Tyre Service

  • Comprehensive network of 2,800 tyre partners
  • Favourable terms and conditions
  • Reliable seasonal appointments
  • Online appointment scheduling with many tyre partners

Assistance and Claims Management

  • Safeguarding your interests
  • Comprehensive claim settlement
  • Seamless replacement mobility

Replacement Mobility

  • Short-term availability
  • Seamless mobility
  • Individual wishes can be accommodated

Vendor Management

  • The best service providers for your fleet
  • Decades of experience
  • Optimum negotiating position
  • Online link possible between us and the service providers

Fuel Card Management

  • Determining the most favourable offer
  • Ordering, cancelling or replacing a fuel card
  • Detecting and preventing fuel card misuse

Insurance Management

  • Adoption of all insurance matters
  • Discovering the most favourable offers
  • Minimising administrative expenses

Vehicle Tax Management

  • Reliable handling of all motor vehicle tax issues
  • Transparent presentation
  • Minimum administrative expense

Radio Tax Management

  • Secure management of radio licence fee
  • Punctual settlement
  • Minimum administrative expenses

Driving Licence Checks

  • Legally secure inspection conducted twice a year
  • Reliable checks
  • Also includes foreign drivers licences

Duty of Care - Driver

  • Prescribed annual check
  • Vehicle-specific instruction
  • Documentation

Duty of Care - Vehicle

  • Legally required annual check
  • Legal safeguard
  • Minimal expenditure

Remarketing of Purchased Vehicles

  • Vehicle pick-up, deregistration, evaluation and interim storage
  • Online marketing platform
  • Safe and transparent sale procedure
  • Market-based sale prices
Vehicle Services

Innovative Mobility Concepts

  • Tailored mobility concepts in line with your wishes
  • Future-oriented solutions
  • Modern mobility, such as lease bicycles
Innovative Mobility Concepts

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